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The Mauritius notebooks

A unique collection of Mauritius-themed notebooks, sepia-toned for nostalgia or vibrantly tropical for a more up-to-date feel. The Mauritian artist, Henry Koombes, has created four new brightly-coloured cover-designs for Vizavi’s Mauritius Notebooks, each of which presents a different scene from a happy, tropical world. These notebooks will make you want to write, scribble and draw again.

  • Notebooks by Henry Koombes - 10.5 x 15 cm - Élastique fastening - Price : Rs 250

The car

The dinghy

The bicycle


front cover Chamarel .jpg
notebook Chamarel et Le Morne FINAL2.jpg
coin de mire.jpg
pieter both.jpg


The Morne

Coin de Mire

Pieter Both

(Coming soon)

cover notebook ananas LR.jpg
cover notebook mangues LR.jpg
cover notebook cocos LR.jpg
cover notebook letchis LR.jpg


Les Mangues

Les Cocos

Les Letchis

  • Vintage notebooks, small format - 9.5 x 14.5 cm - elastic fastening and ribbon page-marker - Price : Rs 270

messageries-maritimes pour web.png
Carnet Bourbon-bookstore-01 copy.jpg


The bookshop

bazar PL pour web.png

Port-Louis market

  • Vintage notebooks, large format - 14 x 21cm - elastic fastening and ribbon page-marker - Price : Rs 350

Paul et Virginie Big.jpg

Paul and Virginie

Labourdonnais Square

Pamplemousses botanical garden

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