The Mauritius notebooks

A unique collection of Mauritius-themed notebooks, sepia-toned for nostalgia or vibrantly tropical for a more up-to-date feel. The Mauritian artist, Henry Koombes, has created four new brightly-coloured cover-designs for Vizavi’s Mauritius Notebooks, each of which presents a different scene from a happy, tropical world. These notebooks will make you want to write, scribble and draw again.

  • Notebooks by Henry Koombes - 10.5 x 15 cm - Élastique fastening - Price : Rs 200

The car

The dinghy

The bicycle


  • Vintage notebooks, small format - 9.5 x 14.5 cm - elastic fastening and ribbon page-marker - Price : Rs 270

Carnet Bourbon-bookstore-01 copy.jpg


The bookshop

Port-Louis market

  • Vintage notebooks, large format - 14 x 21cm - elastic fastening and ribbon page-marker - Price : Rs 350

Paul et Virginie Big.jpg

Paul and Virginie

Labourdonnais Square

Pamplemousses botanical garden